Asif Kayani, Purchasing Director, Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah


 Tell us about your business?

Our company Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts manages three properties in UAE and one each in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

 What are top 3 trends in the F&B industry?

Top trends in the industry are:

1. The right promotional approach to lift profits

2. Creating new ways to ensure customer experience is consistently awesome

3. Simplifying ingredients without compromising quality


 What are the top challenges you face in your business?

As there are so many vendors in the market, it’s a big challenge to select the right ones these days.

 How has SIAL been for you to purchase inventory and source new products?

It helps us meet new vendors and see new products to select them for our future needs.

 What are you looking forward to the most at SIAL Middle East this year?

I am looking forward to meet lots of new vendors and to see their innovative products that they carry to meet customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. 

 How do you see UAE market’s demand and interest in organic products?

It is growing - our hotel guests always ask for this before their check in and now we keep a stock of organic products in stores too.

 How do you see millennials affecting the way you do business today?

As travel and tourism is the biggest industry in the UAE, it is very important for us to keep ourselves with the trends of new generation which represent a large segment of the population. We have to keep our product and services above their expectations to be a leader in the industry.