Sake van der Wal, Consul Economic, Department of Trade & Industry


Tell us about your business

Situated within the Consulate General’s office in Dubai, we focus firstly on trade promotion, i.e. export promotion of South African value added products in all of the industrial sectors. Secondly, we focus on promotion of manufacturing entities that take advantage of the wide range of investment opportunities in South Africa

What is unique about your products and services?

We present high value, excellent quality products consistently. We pride ourselves in our level of customer service and facilitation of all trade and investment related issues. The strength of the South African Agro processing sector is:

•             meat processing;

•             dairy products;

•             canned fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, jams;

•             vegetable and animal oils and fats;

•             grain mill products;

•             sugar mills and refineries;

•             wine;

•             vegetable and fruit juice;

•             fresh vegetables, fruit and salads;

•             chocolate and sugar confectionery;

•             prepared animal foods;

•             bakery products; and

•             ready-made meals.

In your opinion, what are the top trends in the F&B industry?

  • Healthier products trend to counter current public health issues
  • Quality and diversity of products

What benefits do you get by participating in SIAL Middle East?

Exposure to potential new importers of South African products.

Strengthen existing relationships with current importers

Introduce participants to agricultural projects that will address food security for the region

What is the next big plan for your business?

To grow exports of all high value added product to the region and to attract manufacturing investment into South Africa. This we will do through several dedicated activities: seminars, trade exhibitions and one-on-one business meetings.

A new range of industries in the South African agro processing sector has come to the fore and it is expected that they will contribute to the South African export package in years to come:

•             Floriculture

•             Aquaculture

•             Game/Exotic meats

•             Essential oils

How will visitors benefit from your innovative products and services?

At SIAL, the DTI (Department of Trade & Industry – South Africa) is participating with a focus to promote the strengths of the South African agro industry and also will touch upon the ways in which South Africa could help the Middle East region in their quest for food security. South Africa is also supporting “The Mercury’s” Awards for the Airline Catering industry with a view that Airlines from world over can feel the taste of South Africa as their trusted supplier for inflight food & beverage.