Hassan Anouti
General Manager – Ginox UAE

Tell us about your business
Ginox Swiss Kitchen, is a Swiss manufacturer of commercial kitchens since 1875. The fifth generation family business have come a long way, from their humble beginning as crockery business in Switzerland to an international company with state of the art factories and commercial offices overseas.

Our aim in the region is to cater the Food and Beverage sector and Culinary Professionals with quality products and service at a competitive rate. Having the quality, price and proximity competitive advantage, this SWISS company has certainly raised the standard for both local and international competitors.

What are your unique products and services? 
We are a world class manufacturer offering a comprehensive solution for custom made stainless steel equipment, bespoke refrigeration line, drainage system and ventilation hoods. Positioning itself as a global leader by manufacturing Premium quality stainless steel equipment, the group is constantly investing in new technologies and Lean Manufacturing process at their respective plants in order to remain innovative and efficient. 

What are top 3 trends in the F&B industry? 
Food truck / pop up restaurant –Mobility and less capital investment are few of the reasons why it is currently booming in the country as well as the other part of the world. The satellite restaurant concept has given us an idea to create an economic kit wherein standard modular kitchen can be fitted in different type of concept restaurant.

Omni channel marketing – with the explosion of social media combined with e-commerce comes up the “omni-channel marketing”, companies promote on different platforms and customers use these platforms to gain other customers’ insights and affects their buying decision.

Environmental friendly / hygiene – being a manufacturer using chemicals and items that may negatively affect our surrounding, we are dedicated to make it better for our future to see and experience what we have today. Ginox has always been committed in complying on the group’s social and ecological responsibility, “Ginox Green Label” is a whole package of measures applied in our manufacturing process to reduce to the minimum negative impact on the ecosystem. People are more educated now on how food and chemicals can affect their body in the long run. There is a dedicated section for this kind of products. “Organic, natural, green, free of” these words can be seen all over. Ginox have a hygiene line, which makes it easier for the end user to clean our equipment. 

What are the top challenges you face in your business?
Predicting customer trends, market trends and the like is one of the challenge, I think every company have to deal with. With the technology change and paradigm shift, it is almost unpredictable what to prioritize. We have a dedicated Research and Development team and it is what really differentiate us from our competitors, they are focused on constantly improving our stainless steel fabrication methods. Our latest development is the new Hygiene Line of Stainless steel furniture’s and refrigerators which would be even more competitive due to the efficiency and productivity gained in the production chain. In Addition to that, we have a Lean manufacturing engineer to help us implement LEAN in our UAE facility.

How has SIAL been for you to purchase inventory and source new products? 
Due to the variety of exhibitors in our line of business, it has helped us find the most effective and efficient supplier for our business. It also makes us updated on the new players in the industry.

What are you looking forward to the most at SIAL Middle East
this year?

SIAL ME has always been successful in terms of making the industry leaders as one, it has been in the Middle East for 7 years now, and we are expecting another widespread and fruitful event this year. We are looking forward to see the newest technologies in the industry, learn new cost effective approaches, and enjoy!

What are the frameworks in the industry to search for ethical (social/environmental/ fair trade) schemes?

Ethical schemes normally occur in a country where you give back to people or community where the company operates in. For Ginox, it is essential to be involved in fields that are close to its heart. This is why we support various projects across the world each year. The recent, “PIMALI”, a humanitarian Hospitality training center in Thailand aim to assist underprivileged youth and orphans to acquire the basic skills to work in the hospitality sector. Ginox Swiss Kitchen corporate social responsibility program for 2015 has sponsored the Pimali project with our latest Kitchen and refrigeration line.  We are proud to have an active CSR program within our group that is strongly backed up by our CEO Mr. Jerome Hofer who believe in its importance as not only a principle to uphold with our communities but also internally with our team members, and we encourage our employees and management to take part in our CSR initiatives in their respective areas.

What effect do you see from different types and qualities of packaging on buying habits? 

A buyer always purchases the things that could benefit him and the company. It effects on how they would prioritize a certain packaging quality. For a business like us, we could not afford a low quality packaging as we treat our products as premium, most of our products around the globe, an ensured quality of packaging is essential. The government also plays an important role, for example some countries require a fumigation certificate for import and export.

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