Caffé di Artisan
Shankar Sharma, Co Founder


Tell us about your business

Caffé di Artisan is a revolutionary, disruptive luxury California-Italian coffee brand, that is wowing coffee connoisseurs and aficionados from across the world.  As is unequivocally the view, Caffé di Artisan coffee is quite simply the best coffee in the world. Bar none. 

This coffee luxury comes without the hassles of using expensive machines that require maintenance, repairs and replacements and freshly extracted, exquisite luxury single origin coffee, ready in 60 seconds.

Caffé di Artisan was formed by a group of global coffee lovers, who asked some basic questions: was passing hot water at high pressure, as in the espresso method, through delicate coffee grounds, the best way to make great coffee? Was this Violent, Industrial approach scalding the grounds, leading to Burnt, Bitter, Over-extracted Coffee, that had lost its natural, vulnerable flavours? 

Answers were obvious. Thus was born Caffé di Artisan. In our unique, proprietary, artisanal micro-filtery (patent pending), which is a precise blend of art and science, we produce coffee that soothes the soul. Coffee that has all its natural notes, oils, sugars teased out gently over hours. Coffee that has been described by connoisseurs as “Strong, Smooth, Velvety, but Not Bitter” “great mouth feel”, “superb balance, bright acidity, and long complex finish”, “The Best Coffee in the World”.

What is unique about your products and services?

The Caffé di Artisan coffee product is a completely disruptive product and process that is set to revolutionize the world of coffee, which after water, is the second largest beverage category in the world.

With a unique marriage of Food Tech and Artisanal processes, it provides fine, luxury coffee in convenient liquid single shot pods – coffee that is never burnt or bitter, but has all the flavour slowly teased out of it.

The key lies in our proprietary process, wherein we freshly roast, grind and extract the finest beans in the world, in our proprietary artisanal micro-filtery, over 15 hours.  We do the hard work so that our clients don’t have to.

Every coffee drink, be it an Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano or a Frappé can be ready in a minute, with no skilled labour required and with a consistent taste every single time. 

Best of all, it requires ZERO capital investments and no inventory stocking.

In your opinion, what are the top 3 trends in the F&B industry?

  1. Food and Beverages that are made slowly, in an artisanal fashion, but with an overlay of scientific calibration-based Food-Tech which provide three key attributes: Variety, Consistency and Scalability.
  2. It is no longer enough to just produce great Food and Drink or even to present it well. Now consumers want to understand the origin of each of the ingredients and the ‘story’ behind each.
  3. Coffee is ripe for disruption.  Even in fine dining establishments where there is long menu of choices for tea varieties and even water, a similar choice is rarely available for coffee. Plus, serving coffee typically means a machine with its attendant problems of cleaning, descaling, maintenance etc.  not to mention the accumulation of germs. Both these facts are set to change.

What benefits do you get by participating in SIAL Middle East?

SIAL Middle East is the premier Food, Beverage and Hospitality exhibition in the Middle East. We are looking to showcase our extremely innovative coffee solution to the attendees from across the hospitality industry.

What is the next big plan for your business?

We are launching in the US, our home market by Q1, 2017. Given the excellent reception we have got from our clients across all nationalities, we are now set to enter several European countries, in addition to ramping up our distribution in the US and across the Middle East.

On the new product side, besides adding to our list of single origin coffee offerings, we are also introducing a range of fitness drinks which combine our exquisite, single-origin coffees with whey protein – a combination that is both delicious and healthy. This is real, smooth, ambrosial coffee, not just an empty caffeine kick that is often a part of such drinks.

How will visitors benefit from your innovative products and services?


Caffé di Artisan’s coffee provides a perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, aviation companies, catering companies, outdoor tour operators, yatch charter companies and many more.

Our   range of fine coffees comes packaged in its convenient Innovative Liquid Single Shot Pods, which, along with the frothier, makes the World's Finest Espressos, Lattés, Cappuccinos, Americanos, Frappés. In Just 60 Seconds. Without any baristas or machines.

Imagine serving a fine selection of the world's most iconic beans like Ethiopian Sidamo, Colombian Cordilleras, Guatemalan El Injerto, Jamaican Wallenford Estate, Indian Monsoon Malabar, Brazilian Santos, etc., in any style: Espresso, Latté, Cappuccino, Americano, Frappé. Imagine serving all these divine Caffé di Artisan coffees, easily and effortlessly.

Now visualize the business proposition:

They just buy any range of our luxury liquid single coffee pods. All Single Origin.

They don’t need to buy any expensive machine. Or have trained baristas. Or ever have to worry about machine breakdowns, replacements, repairs, inventory of coffee beans/powder.  Absolutely Zero Hassles.

Even if they have invested in a machine, they will find Caffé di Artisan’s model to be vastly superior, both commercially and taste-wise. So the machine can simply be disposed to recover investment.

They just buy enough pods to service demand for a few days and place an order when they see your stock running out.