Jamil Bouchareb, Founder & CEO, Restaurantware 


Tell us about your business

Restaurantware is a leading provider in trendsetting and eco-friendly tableware. We strive to be the best in the industry by priding ourselves on efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility. We have over 1,000 products in bamboo, wood, plastic, glass, metal, paper, and more. Restaurantware is based in the United States, but we recently expanded with a location in Dubai. We have a fully functional website featuring our products (www.restaurantware.ae) in order to make browsing easy on our customers.


What is unique about your products and services?

Our products are unique because we offer the biggest variety of environmentally friendly and fashionable tableware. Our customers come to us for any plate, bowl, tray, container, or utensil they need. We also have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We pride ourselves on having an efficient process from the time our products leave our warehouse until they land in our customers' hands. We add new products monthly and are always striving to stock only the best products available.


In your opinion, what are the top 3 trends in the F&B industry?

The top three trends in the F&B industry are definitely going green, being cost effective, and displaying food stylishly. Restaurantware helps restaurants, hotels, country clubs, resorts, caterers, and many more businesses achieve these goals. We work around the clock to make sure that all of our customers can display their foods without spending too much or damaging our environment.


What benefits do you get by participating in SIAL Middle East?

 Restaurantware team is looking forward to network and connect with our existing and future customers. Getting our name out in the UAE is important, especially since we are fairly new to the area. We want every potential customer to know that we are now open in the UAE and they can access us easily. SIAL Middle East will open many doorways for us that we wouldn't otherwise have access to.

What is the next big plan for your business?

Our next big plan is to expand in the UAE by assigning specific sales representatives in each emirate. We believe this will help Restaurantware to be more accessible to every potential customer. We are very pleased with the success of our Dubai location, so we are considering expanding in Europe in the future.


How will visitors benefit from your innovative products and services?

Visitors at SIAL Middle East can benefit from our inventive products because everyone in food business has to use tableware at some point. This is a basic necessity that we excel at, so SIAL visitors will enjoy browsing and seeing our products in person. Every food establishment needs a reliable resource for tableware and tools, and Restaurantware is the best option.