Culinary Master Chef and Inflight Service Management Specialist with 39 years of experience.

  • Multifaceted Business Leader with extensive experience in all aspects of management, including the strategic planning and execution, culinary expertise, supply chain, project management, human resources, and product & service development.
  • International In-flight professional experience throughout  Australia, South-East Asia, India, Americas, Middle East, UK and Europe, with a distinguished track record for executive and division operations management, product design, strategic business fulfilment and project management.
  • 5 Star Executive Chef positions within the Hilton Group and Crown Casino Melbourne, Australia
  • Senior Airline management positions from Network Executive Chef for Ansett Australia, Inflilght Service Manager Gulf Air and Head of Guest Experience Cateirng Etihad Airways.
  • Demonstrated commitment to exceeding performance expectations, both on an individual and team basis.
  • Combines unique blend of visionary leadership and executive business savvy with competencies to spearhead strategic planning and execution of development, operational and administrative initiatives to drive overall HR, organisational and bottom line financial performance.  Aggressively identifies opportunities, develops focus and provides tactical business solutions and obtains strong supplier relationships.

Working in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Bermuda, Belgium, Australia, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, I now live in Cairns Austalia, but working on many projects around the world. 

At home at many industry assostiations and actively involved in industry events around the globe I support our industry.

Winner of over 30 Culinary Gold medals, Chef of the Year awards, Australian National Team Member and 2 medals at the Culinary Olympics.