Abraham George
Purchasing Manager, Bani Yas Co-operative Society

Tell us about your business?
We are in the FMCG Retail business, offering “Convenient supermarket” to cater the needs of the local community and expats.

What are top 3 trends in the F&B industry?
Due to growing concern on obesity and life threatening diseases people are looking more for natural ingredient products rather than processed foods. Products must be healthy but convenient and simple. If a consumer wants to read about nutritional information, they should be able to read it clearly on a label.
In this region the organic business is still new but it is growing. Growing means the price will be moving to lower side, so organic products will take a bigger market share in the coming future.

How do you see technology affecting F&B business?
Software technology is one of the most important parts of the business and consumer world today. In the F&B supply chain, it facilitates visibility from farm-to-fork, compliance, improved food safety, productivity, better management of people and processes, and cost reductions & accuracy, among other benefits. 

What are the top challenges you face in your business?
You will find different business competing for each product you sell and it’s a battle of perception, focus, and marketing. Identifying what your customers need and doing a better job than your competitors, in giving your customers what they are looking for, will make all the difference in your company’s future. Price cutting strategy to compete with others are negatively affecting the profitability.

What are you looking forward to the most at SIAL Middle East this year? 
We are expecting to meet with more international brands participating to SIAL Middle East 2016 and looking for more innovations in products lines.

How do you see the future of food retail store?
I believe that the following will drive the future of food retail and the groceries industry: Price – Speed – Choice – Quality – Experience – Inspiration –Trust. 
I see the food retail industry very competition at the current Food retail industry seems to be very competitive currently and in future also.

What effect do you see from different type and quality of packaging affecting buying habits?
Consumer preferences, the general appearance, visual appeal and capacity of packaging to attract the consumer’s attention has a significant influence in the purchase decision. It is necessary to meet consumers’ demands, stand out on store shelves and attract attention in this competitive market.

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