Mohamed Rizk, Managing Partner, Interfood Supply


Tell us about your business

Interfoods Supply is a UAE based food trading company with offices and storage facilities in Dubai and Ajman in UAE, in Colombo Sri Lanka South East Asia, and in Santiago Chile South America, and we are a proud member of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Business (SME).

Established in 2012; Interfoods Supply UAE services the GCC region and Interfoods Supply Limitada-Chile services the South and North America region.

Weekly imports of fish and seafood products from different regions in the world such as Norway, Denmark, Holland, Scotland, Chile, Spain, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Tunisia.

Our products' range varies and not limited, some of the finest quality products, such as Rice, Japanese and Chinese food ingredients, Seafood's, Herbs Spices, Sushi items, etc.

What is unique about your products and services?

Targeting all the HORECA sectors with connections and contracts with 5 stars’ hotels, Supermarkets, catering companies, wholesalers, and signature restaurants.

We are registered with all Governmental and Semi-Governmental organizations in UAE such as Hospitals, Ministries, Airlines, Palaces, etc.

Interfoods Supply is an agent for international brands and franchises for the whole GCC countries and MENA region, such as the well reputed Spanish brand: UBAGO

Owned by Local and UAE national Entrepreneurs, with staff from 6 different nations, and business partners are spread around the world, from Yellow Fin Tuna from Maldives to Fresh Salmon from Scotland; We are HACCP certified and delivers only High Quality products.

With our dedicated team, HACCP certified facilities, continuous supply of premium products, and the consistency of providing the superb service our clients and chefs deserve Interfoods Supply is proudly growing and expanding in the UAE and the GCC market.

In your opinion, what are the top 3 trends in the F&B industry?

  1. Shelf life increasing with technological innovations.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions continuing to flood the industry.
  3. E-revolution from carts to clicks. Online shopping, apps and delivery services are transforming consumers’ access to deals, niche offerings and even full meals. While the Internet has not yet vastly changed the landscape of grocery shopping, innovations encourage consumers to think outside the box regarding traditional physical retailers.

What benefits do you get by participating in SIAL Middle East?

SIAL is targeted at the food industry and people involved or interested in the F & B industry. Exhibiting at SIAL can be a great way to advertise to the target market and create brand awareness.

Exhibitions are open to a large and sometimes diverse range of audiences. This provides us with a platform to promote our products and services to a broader group that may have little or no knowledge of our products and services

What is the next big plan for your business?

We intend to launch new concept of serving ready to eat food products that will be revolutionary in the UAE market.

Introducing our business partner UBAGO DE MARE from Spain to the GCC region.

We have new premium products for the Retail sector that will hit the shelves early 2017.

How will visitors benefit from your innovative products and services?

With the premium quality products we offer and the wide range of options and solutions to the HORECA sectors, we believe the visitors will have a better options to chose from.