As an event at the forefront of promoting innovation in the food & beverage industry and with the growing popularity and demand for healthy & organic products in the region, SIAL Middle East is brought together a selection of healthy, organic, ‘free-from’ and well-being food & beverage products to the all new Healthy & Organic Pavilion at SIAL Middle East.

Amongst other exhibitors who featured healthy food and beverage products, last year, this new pavilion showcased international companies that cater to the needs of this ever growing sector. 

Here's a sneak peak of these's exhibitor's bestselling products! 

DIATOSTA: A specialised producer of rusks and minirusks and low-fat toast

From Portugal


Ing Biotech: Ing Enzyme Biotek insists on not adding any food additives. Using traditional fermentation methods combined with modern biotechnology extraction technique, in the most natural, original way, produced high-quality VIDA Phytochemicals Juice

From Taiwan


KASKAT Ltd: Whey proteins 

From Poland 



Lubrior SA: Lubrior with its World Trade Natural Food brand gives life to the most delicious combination of flavours of 100% natural fruit puree. No sugar, no preservatives or colourings and does not require refrigeration.

From Belgium


Legumbres Luengo: Produced according to organic agriculture requirements, these pulses include natural lentils, chick peas and beans that are certified by the CAECyL (Council for Organic Agriculture in Castilla y León) and will taste amazing in any recipe.

From Spain


NUHEALTH: The basic ingredient in all our products is whole grain brown rice. We chose it because it has been proven to be one of the healthiest grains rich in fiber, selenium, group B vitamins, with no gluten. Our products are produced without any yeast or frying. They are NO GMO, NO GLUTAMAT, GLUTEN FREE, NOT FRIED, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS AND COLORS, NO PRESERVATIVES! 

From Bulgaria


Optimal wood: Premium bottled-wood beverages: an alternative drink during a meal, with no sugar, no alcohol, which pairs perfectly well with food! 


From France